31 August 2007

Carly is cool.

So Jake and I stopped in NC last night and hung out with Carly and Chad. I like Carly. She's cool.

29 August 2007

"I could tell..."

Conversation of the day:

LADY: yes yes i have 2 grandchildren...both boys, and i'm DYING for a girl! my one daughter won't get a move on. it's driving me crazy.

ME: yeah i think my mom is pretty excited about grandchildren. my sister is pregnant with a boy, which is really fun. i'm expecting too--my mom will be in heaven.

LADY: i could tell. i thought you looked pregnant.

quick. ask anyone who has seen me in the past week if i look remotely pregnant...if i'm even showing a little bit. the answer is no. awesome.

23 August 2007

She's a LIME!

Ok I really have no idea if my baby is a boy or a girl, but I REALLY have a feeling its a girl. So, from now on I'm going to call her "she." Anyway, she's the size of a lime this week! How exciting, growing strong and good. Just thought I'd let you know.

Across the Universe

I have never wanted to see a movie as much as I want to see this one. I've seen the preview in the theaters so many times, and then I come home and watch the trailer. I think its because its based off of all Beatles songs...and his name is Jude---and I love the name Jude. And its a love story. And "Hey Jude" is my favorite song by the Beatles and does something to me everytime I listen to it. Anyway, mark my words, I'll be there opening night. You should find and watch the trailer if you can. You're life might change. Or I just might be overly-obsessive.

22 August 2007

Bad News

We went to the doctor today-- one of our twins passed away. We're sad...in fact I don't think I've stopped crying for a few hours now. But at the same time, we understand it's Heavenly Father's plan and we're just going with it as best as we can. We're very very thankful that we still have one strong baby. I take back what I said about thank you notes. If I could write Heavenly Father a thank you note, I would.

21 August 2007

I love Stargirl

I think I've mentioned this book before. Well, it's on my reading list below: the book "Stargirl" is one of my favorites. It's basically a middle school reading level, but for some reason it totally intrigues me. I've read it over 5 times, and I never get sick of it. I think I love the simplicity of it- the life lessons you learn and how happy I feel when I read it. I want to be Stargirl. I was in Target yesterday and I randomly looked at a bookshelf and I saw a new one, the sequel to "Stargirl" called "Love, Stargirl." Obviously I bought it and haven't been able to put it down. I learn so much reading these books, and I highly recommend them to everyone. Come one, come all.

20 August 2007

Thank you notes = Death

I really dislike thank you notes. I spent 7 hours on Saturday--- 7 HOURS--- writing thank you notes. I think thank you notes should be outlawed. There should be a universal understanding that when you get a present for a wedding, it is understood that you are very grateful; for example, I am very very thankful for all that we were given. But I am not thankful for the carpal tunnel that I developed in my right hand. I have 30 more to go today. Awesome.

18 August 2007

I like pickles. What a cliche.

I stole this picture from my sister-in-law's blog...we're eating (fancy that). It was from last weekend in Utah. And then in the picture with us is Jake's sister Lyndsi. Beautiful, I know. Anyway--I'm random.

17 August 2007

Tangled and True

I have a new obsession. My sister Katie has told me about this website a few times but I never thought much about it. Then a few days ago, I decided to check it out. This is my new schedule (pathetic...don't judge)- I wake up, check my blog, check my email, and then I check www.tangledandtrue.com- So you must go there. They have great give aways, great ideas. I think I'm a little behind on this one because I'm pretty sure everyone already knows about it. But its good mommy stuff and pretty entertaining. Anyway, I love it. And for the record, I haven't thrown up in 3 days. I celebrated today by eating a regular sandwhich....and not chicken noodle soup.

15 August 2007

Christmas Miracle

So I just checked my email and I had an order confirmation email for the sage green couch from Costco! WHAT??? Earlier, when I finished the order, they said it was out of stock. So this, my friends, is what Jake and I call a Christmas Miracle. That's our new couch! What do you think?


Ok. I need some suggestions. Jake and I stayed up last night kind of late..picture this: He was sitting on the chair with his computer, and I was laying on the couch with mine. We were both on the same website, telling each other where to go, what to look at--you get the idea. It was actually pretty entertaining and we had fun. We were looking at furniture--particularly sectional couches. I really like this one on Costco.com, but wouldn't you know it is out of stock. Of course. So then I go to ridiculous websites that I KNOW I can't afford (I'm obsessed with this sectional from PotteryBarn right now, but its just a dream), but I go there anyway and covet everything I see. This is a big CON to feeling sick a lot and having a lot of "computer time," if you know what I mean. So here is the kicker. If you know of any furniture websites, affordable ones, with cute sectionals...not corney fabrics, but GOOD stuff, please PLEASE share the wealth. Can you see desperation in my writing? Sweet, me too.

Here are the ones that I LOVE. The cream colored one is the coveted one from PotteryBarn. The sage colored one is the one from Costco that I can't get anymore. So, these are the styles I'm really looking for.

How perfect would these couches be to push together as a "play pin" for the twins? This is my entire reasoning for sectionals. HELP!

14 August 2007


Will someone please be a gem and tell me how to post a video from YouTube? I think I've tried maybe 30 different times and it never works. I need to post something that makes me SO SO happy...so any quick advice would be great.

13 August 2007

Weekend in Utah

So Jake and I went to Utah this weekend for his sister Brynda's wedding. I can't explain how much I LOVE the mountains..and Utah weather...and the people in Utah. I think living in DC has given me this entire new appreciation for the West. Anyway, the weather was perfect. We had so much fun. Bryn looked amazing. I didn't get sick on Bryn's wedding day (it doesn't sound like much but seriously, HUGE tender mercy). Jake didn't have to work. There were so many great things and I'm basically pumped out of my mind to get back there in a few weeks. It was a fabulous weekend.

Yeah...we're not quite sure about this one. But he's cute.

This is Jake hunting for snakes. He loves snakes for some reason.



Nice hair.

I love to see the temple. And yes, this picture could quite possible be on the cover of the next Ensign. Thank YOUUU.

You gotta love Blake...who's freshly engaged.

The Larsens

He's seriously my favorite.

Jakey and Me.

Happy. Happy. Happy.

Fancy that! I saw my dear Julia at the temple. Just love her and miss her so much.

So pretty and so happy.

The happy couple: Ryan and Bryn Larsen

Jake playing with our nephews Nicco and Makai- he's going to be the best dad, really.

09 August 2007


Jake is better at being pregnant than I am. He's pushing out, in case you were wondering.

08 August 2007

Two Birds with One Stone

We're having twins! Yes, yes, this is absolute MADNESS but I really can't explain how excited we are. So we're at the doctors and I'm having the ultra sound done--the probe kind so you can't just see everything nice like you would see if you were looking at a picture, ya know? On the screen, there came up this little tiny baby, about one inch long, just wigglin' and movin' all over the place--good heart beat...just solid. Then, the doctor moved the probe a little to the left and says, "Well what's this? Looks like he's got a little friend in there." Jake and I are like....whhhhhhhat?? So this picture probably isn't the easiest to understand because it works way better if its verticle instead of horizontal--but I couldn't get it to work. Anyway, they are both there, laying side by side, just chillin and probably having great conversation. They both have good strong heart beats and everything looks "perfect" according to the doctor. If you look closely, you can see the them in two different "sacks," which means they aren't going to be identical. So that's the scoop! Ain't life grand?

06 August 2007

The DC Platinum Office

You could say we tend to get along in our office. We're all good friends..we've got inside jokes...help each other out--you know the drill. We all went to Benihana's tonight for dinner---unfortunately I couldn't eat much considering I don't keep much down, but I think everyone else really loved it. Not to mention it's my brother-in-law Zach's birthday today...so we had a fun time singing very loudly to him. Good times.

Nelson wants to be pregnant too....Don't worry, he's pushing out.

Happy Birthday Zachie

All the silly people

Being silly

Nelson, Katie and Zach

Jake and Me, just coveting being Benihana chefs

Everybody...and Jake.

Good ol' Landon

Some of the guys...ha and Jake (he wanted to be in every picture)

Dan, Jake and Brent being crazy.

Jake and "Erick"- the Benihana guy

At Chili's one random night.

You could say I love him.