13 June 2008




i just can't take it any longer. i have created a new blog because this blog is depressing me. it is no fun looking at your own creation everyday and seeing something that you think is ugly and that you have no control over. i will no longer be posting under this address anymore (yeah, i have a lump in my throat saying that. i'm incredibly and ridiculously emotional these days), so please do the following:

-i know this is annoying, but don't forget to change our blog address under all of your blog settings.
-please keep visiting me on my blog. it's the only way to stay in touch these days.
-be happy.

i haven't switched everything over yet, so be patient.

goodbye, jakeandjennavela.blogspot.com. it has truly been a great ride.


nothing is working in my life.

i hate comcast.

i hate blogger.

07 June 2008


i don't even like this template but it's the only one that would bring my sidebar stuff up. sorry for the ugly blog.

06 June 2008

what the heck.

something is wrong with blogger. i have picked a new template at least thirty times and for some reason, it's not bringing my pictures or links or anything up on the sides like it usually does. has this happened to anyone else? do you have a solution? i've tried numerous different templates and it still isn't loading right. i know all my side things are on the bottom, but no matter what template i use, it won't let me move them!

help me.

03 June 2008

a good start to the summer.

this summer has already been a fun and busy one. below are a few pictures--yes, that's right, i finally have something of substance to talk about! jake is doing so well with his work this summer, which is no surprise considering he is one of the hardest working people i know. i'm very proud of him and so grateful for his hard work for our family. and then, there is the ode to my amazing nephews that i can't get enough of. seriously. seattle was so fun playing with nicco, kai, and baby crew (to see more pictures of crewby-doo go here). i also loved hanging out with jenye and ricky--we just laughed and laughed. and i love seeing my little andrew every day. he tells me that he really misses his auntie ra-ra (rach). anyway--life is good! not much to complain about here.

at olive garden saturday night. jake's face has healed 100%, as i knew it would.

some of the group at olive garden.

our good friends troy and teri.

drew is so chubby, i can hardly stand it.

and he loved the shower cap, thank you very much. little baker.

my strong boys.

kai and "lella" (bella)