03 June 2008

a good start to the summer.

this summer has already been a fun and busy one. below are a few pictures--yes, that's right, i finally have something of substance to talk about! jake is doing so well with his work this summer, which is no surprise considering he is one of the hardest working people i know. i'm very proud of him and so grateful for his hard work for our family. and then, there is the ode to my amazing nephews that i can't get enough of. seriously. seattle was so fun playing with nicco, kai, and baby crew (to see more pictures of crewby-doo go here). i also loved hanging out with jenye and ricky--we just laughed and laughed. and i love seeing my little andrew every day. he tells me that he really misses his auntie ra-ra (rach). anyway--life is good! not much to complain about here.

at olive garden saturday night. jake's face has healed 100%, as i knew it would.

some of the group at olive garden.

our good friends troy and teri.

drew is so chubby, i can hardly stand it.

and he loved the shower cap, thank you very much. little baker.

my strong boys.

kai and "lella" (bella)


Andi said...

for the record, i'm pretty sure i have that exact same gray shirt that you're wearing in these photos JENNA. and i'm pretty sure i wore it today. of course you have it too. so glad you still wish you were me. see you next week, let's wear our matching shirts.

jenna marie said...

who knew: shower caps for ages 1-105.

S&D said...

Jenna! We miss you guys so much. How are things? When do you come home??? We need to hang out more when you do. Did Scotty tell you we're buying a townhome in PG? We are so super excited, it's insane. Anyways, you still need to teach me how to make my blog as cute as yours!

I hope things are going well for you guys.. We love you!


PS- SWEET shower cap!!

Chad and Carly Carlson said...

I think I am going to call you today. Why? Because I miss your freakin face!