24 October 2007

Love Birds.

at blake's wedding dinner. more to come.

18 October 2007


we finally have couches. the costco ones ended up being the biggest hassle of my life, so i cancelled them and we just bought different ones (which were nicely delivered a day later). anyway, so now we have somewhere nice to sit and relax and let me tell you, i feel like i finally have a home. we're excited about it. friends and family have demanded to see some pictures of where we live, not to mention its fun for others to see, so i'm falling in the trend i guess. here are some pictures. enjoy!

07 October 2007


its fall. my favorite season. i wish i could explain to you what the crispness in the air does to me. sweaters. i love sweaters. and fleeces....jeans, a good pair of pumas. count me in, seriously. jake and i were feeling energetic one day last week, so we decided to go hike my favorite hike, stewart falls, in the most BEAUTIFUL place in the world, sundance. those who know me know i have a slight obsession with sundance. we stopped for a quick view and bridal veil which is always fun and then headed on up. the trail is amazing. i've hike it maybe 20 times now but it was a really good workout. we were the only ones there...so we practiced some yoga, climbed our way up the waterfall into a little cove...climbed some more, risked our lives....hey, you only live once, right? all in all, it was a perfect day and good bonding for jake and me. thought you'd like to see how amazing the mountains are. i'm so thankful to live where i live. i don't know what i'd do without mountains. P.S. BLACK IS BACK.

he never looks in the right place but i still love him anyway.

in front of bridal veil falls.

the hike.

and it begins....

sundance, so pretty.

our destination: stewart falls

pretty, huh.


the jake show.


the praying mantis.

jake is hot.



03 October 2007

strawberry fields forever

thoughts. i remember the first time i went to the movies here in provo back in the days of helaman hall. i remember people clapped at the end of the movie....in the theater....and i thought, this place is full of freaks. across the universe is a movie that i have been DYING to see. you could say i slightly obsessed over it considering for a good two weeks i watched the trailer probably 4 times a day. this isn't a joke. here is my review, because i saw it, and i admit i loved it, in an odd way. basically the movie had a lot of singing (which is great because the soundtrack is #1 in my heart), BUT i did wish there was more dialogue between lovers and friends. a lot of the movie was pretty trippy....when i say they portray the 60's in all ways, i mean it. i felt like i was tripping on acid (not that i've ever done that) the entire movie. but it was almost fun in a way. i'm sort of artsy like that. i love these kind of movies. it portrayed a lot of radical movements that happened because of vietnam, and the acting was top notch. but the love story is amazing, the singing is incredible, and i think jude is fascinating. SO, in conclusion, i give it an A-. 4 out of 5 stars. i recommend it if you feel like escaping the world for a few hours (the movie was 2 1/2 hours). and yes, i teared up at one part. sad to say, no one clapped at the end of the movie. but then again, we are in provo, a land of occasionally closed minds.