28 May 2007

Washington D.C.

So, this is our new life these days. The wedding went well, although a little chaotic at times, I'd say it was close to a perfect day. Life is good these days though; we live in Washington D.C. and its been quite the journey you could say. We both work a lot-- Jake is selling security and I'm working in office. Lots of hours but its paying off---we're seeing success and very grateful for it. Jake has a classic farmers tan from being outside all day and well, I have nothing yet. The pool just opened...we'll see how it goes. Unfortunately I don't have much to report-- we work, eat and sleep. Sundays have become our days to walk around downtown D.C. and its been really fun. Hot, but fun. Basically we're really happy to be where we are, doing what we're doing...and we're just kind of waiting to see what life throws at us next.

Just chillin in front of the Washington Monument

be cool. we take it literally.

Zach and Katie- soon to be mommy and daddy!

Some of the boys in DC

Some of the Girls