19 December 2007

it's a christmas miracle!!

ok this is not a joke. i've asked jake a few times for a christmas tree, but after a few conversations, we decided that since we won't even be here for christmas and we're moving soon (i'll post on that soon), we should probably just simplify our lives and forget the tree this year. i was sort of depressed about it because i seriously love REAL christmas trees. it just reminds me of my mom and dad, family, LOVE, joy, happiness and not to mention i'm obsessed with the smell of pine trees. i've had a little prayer in my heart that somehow we'd be able to have tree for our first christmas together. it's kind of important to me. i came home from running some errands yesterday and there was a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l little christmas tree sitting outside of my apartment! while i was running errands, my INCREDIBLE husband went into the woods with rob's ax and chopped down a tree for us. it was nothing short of a miracle for me. so of course i ran to walmart and got some last minute decorations and here we are. i love this tree. it's perfect.

11 December 2007


so, i cut my hair. i think i have a disorder. everytime i go to get my hair done, i feel this urgency to change something. i mean i'm paying all this money, i might as well walk away looking a little different, right? well, we went a little crazy this time. i cried a lot today because of this hair, but only because i was in a serious state of shock and awe. it's growing on me (literally, ha!!). so, that's the latest news in my life. interesting, isn't it?

09 December 2007

you could say we're artists

last monday night, jake and i went over to joe and lindsey dean's house for family night. we had a competition with cameron and brittany long and joe and lindsey...and although their ginger bread homes were pretty good, i just have to say, ours took the cake. jake and i probably took it a little too seriously-- i mean this was pure inspiration people. in the end, all three houses were pretty great. we tried to salvage ours and take it home....and we were doing pretty good until about two blocks away--the entire thing collapsed in my lap. we were ticked. needless to say, it was a fun night. merry merry christmas.

06 December 2007

band of the year.

so i've been doing a lot of thinking (obviously...my posts are my thoughts these days), and i thought back on the year 2007 and all that's happened--and i randomly thought, what was my favorite band this past year? what got me through things? so, i'm giving a shout out to one of my favorite bands, the weepies. they give a unique sound--a little folk, a little guitar, amazing lyrics.. they just bring things to life for me. cheesy, but true. anyway, if you don't know who they are...look them up and let them heal you.

05 December 2007


i'm transcribing and editing this recorded history on tape for a project at school. her name is audre wells and she was this incredible woman who signed up for the marines 65 years ago and became this famous marine corp women's band leader. so i'm learning her history. while doing this, she said something that hit me and i haven't stopped thinking about it. she said, "life is what you are." i thought and thought about that. life is what you are. isn't that incredible? who says we have to live one way or the other? our lives are centered around the gospel, the ones we love, errands, dinner, cleaning, school--i mean everyone's life is so different. but that's how we become who we are. what makes up the beauty in our lives is what makes up the beauty of us. so, celebrate your life, because its everything you are. and that is my thought for the day. (if it's jumbled, just remember i spent 10 hours on campus today. thank you and good night.)

29 November 2007

The Road

i have to rave about this book. it was an assignment for my american literature class (which i happen to love by the way) and i can't tell you how much i love it. its terrifying, beautiful, devastating, tense....i mean you name the emotion and i'm pretty sure it's in there.

"a father and his son walk alone through burned america. nothing moves in the ravaged landscape save the ash on the wind. it is cold enough to crack stones, and when the snow falls it is gray. the sky is dark. their destination is the coast, although they don't know what, if anything, awaits them there. they have nothing; just a pistol to defend themselves against the law-less bands that stalk the road, the clothes they are wearing, a cart of scavenged food---and each other. the road is the profoundly moving story of a journey. it boldy imagines a future in which no hope remains, but which the father and his son, 'each the other's world entire,' are sustained by love."

i loved it. oprah loved it.. so will you.

24 November 2007

i'm in love.

seriously, is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen in your entire life? katie had her baby early early this morning, around 3:45 a.m. stinker andrew brian hillstead is here, weighing 7 lbs 7 oz, and i want to eat him. i love him so much already and he's not even mine! anyway, katie is doing great, looks amazing and is going to be such a good mom. i have a million other pictures but i wanted to get it all started by these three. they're some of my favorites. anyway, love him. little drew. welcome to earth.

16 November 2007


i. am. so. tired.

and that's all i have to say.

13 November 2007


well here it is. please know that in this post, i am in NO WAY bragging or trying to say, "hey check me out folks." but something exciting and slightly embarassing....ok embarassing....is happening. utah valley bride magazine emailed me a few weeks ago and told me they wanted to feature my wedding in their magazine. they put out four issues a year and feature four different brides. they talked to my photographer kenneth linge (www.kennethlinge.com) and apparently they told him to use the vela/robbins wedding. so she interviewed me for the article and everything. then she randomly said, ok we're going to put you on the cover. i'm like....what. cover? are you sure? yes yes, she says. i said, well there is a really beautiful picture of jake and i....and she interrupted me and said, no just you. WHAT. close up or what. close up. wow. so those of you who live in utah, the issue will be out after thanksgiving if you're interested. this is the picture that they're putting on the cover. this is actually hard for me to admit (i really don't like being in the spotlight and i HATE surprises...and this was definitely a surprise)...but it is sort of fun. anyway, so that's the latest.

08 November 2007

the homefront.

hello dearies. as i've said, school rules and i don't. BUT, that isn't going to stop me from somewhat updating every once in awhile. you are my people and i love you, which means i want to include you in my life. with that said, here are the latest events. we had katie's shower last wednesday and it was so fun. we had delicious tomatoe artichoke soup (i have the recipe if anyone wants it), yummy home made rolls (gotta love kendal mugleston), salad and veggies with cake to top it off. mom was in town, which made everything so much fun. she took us out to dinner one night and as usual, we had a blast. anyway, everyone is doing great. jake is amazing as always, school is almost done...thanksgiving coming up. lots to be grateful for.

chillin' before the party.

liz and me.


at katie's shower--she is very cute.

dinner. yum yum.

mom and me.

jake is a statue.

the robbins girls. me, mom katie, rachie-bear

jake and drew outside of PF changs

03 November 2007

a new post.

so i know i've been sort of m.i.a. its called school....kicking my trash every single day. so this is the update for the past few weeks. hope all is well!

jake tried to take it while jumping in the air...almost.

got it.

i look like a boy.

alpine loop. love jake.

love aspen trees.

jake and zach obsessing over some youtube video.

jake and me at warren miller.

and this is jake shaving his head.

jake and rugby. he's amazing.

24 October 2007

Love Birds.

at blake's wedding dinner. more to come.

18 October 2007


we finally have couches. the costco ones ended up being the biggest hassle of my life, so i cancelled them and we just bought different ones (which were nicely delivered a day later). anyway, so now we have somewhere nice to sit and relax and let me tell you, i feel like i finally have a home. we're excited about it. friends and family have demanded to see some pictures of where we live, not to mention its fun for others to see, so i'm falling in the trend i guess. here are some pictures. enjoy!

07 October 2007


its fall. my favorite season. i wish i could explain to you what the crispness in the air does to me. sweaters. i love sweaters. and fleeces....jeans, a good pair of pumas. count me in, seriously. jake and i were feeling energetic one day last week, so we decided to go hike my favorite hike, stewart falls, in the most BEAUTIFUL place in the world, sundance. those who know me know i have a slight obsession with sundance. we stopped for a quick view and bridal veil which is always fun and then headed on up. the trail is amazing. i've hike it maybe 20 times now but it was a really good workout. we were the only ones there...so we practiced some yoga, climbed our way up the waterfall into a little cove...climbed some more, risked our lives....hey, you only live once, right? all in all, it was a perfect day and good bonding for jake and me. thought you'd like to see how amazing the mountains are. i'm so thankful to live where i live. i don't know what i'd do without mountains. P.S. BLACK IS BACK.

he never looks in the right place but i still love him anyway.

in front of bridal veil falls.

the hike.

and it begins....

sundance, so pretty.

our destination: stewart falls

pretty, huh.


the jake show.


the praying mantis.

jake is hot.