29 March 2008

going once, twice, SOLD

wow...that was really fast. i am so relieved. thank you ans, the nice asian man in salt lake who will have a new bed today.

28 March 2008

BRAND NEW King-Size Bed for Sale!

We have been trying to sell our old king-size bed for a few months now on KSL. We haven't heard much back (maybe that's because I didn't realize they automatically take your ad off after 30 days...sweet), so I re-posted it on KSL today and thought to myself, hmmm maybe there are some friendly blog readers/stalkers who would be interested. Listen, I don't care if I don't know you at all and you just happen to come across my blog. Admit it, we all go on our friends' blogs and look at everyone else's blogs on their list of friends. Hi, my name is Jenna, and I'm a stalker. No really though, if you are interested, we're selling this bed. We loved it--we only used it for four months and bought it brand new from IKEA. Bought back in September 2007, we used it and loved it, but when we moved we got a new bedroom set. SO, we're selling it for $185. Interested, friend or friend of a friend? Please leave a comment. We have to get rid of it---it's taking up all of my storage space. Thanks friends!

p.s. Mattress NOT included...sorry.

22 March 2008


just thought i'd do a quick post for all to see. this is when we were at red robin (yum) to celebrate dear megan niccoli's birthday. and yeah...that's all i got. have a great weekend!

20 March 2008

happy easter


i will say, i impressed myself. thank you ani.

94 words


oh, and look at this: Profile Views 1,000 - my blog has officially been looked at 1,000 times. for some reason i feel like i've reached some huge milestone in my life or something.

i'm so pathetic.

13 March 2008

jake, jake, he's our man.

i came home from school last friday to a lovely surprise. my usual saturday chores were already done...this includes: vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning sheets, doing laundry, and dusting. jake had spent all morning cleaning and making our house so nice and clean so that i wouldn't have to do it on saturday. how amazing is he? he also makes me breakfast a lot, as well as yummy and nutritious lunches that i take to school with me. jake is the most patient, loving, kind, and selfless person i've ever met. he makes me laugh hysterically every single day. he understands me better than anyone and is the easiest person to talk to. sometimes we don't want to go to bed because we're having so much fun just laying there and talking. he is constantly helping others and putting them before himself. he is so nice to people he doesn't even know. he makes sure we always have family night, that we read our scriptures and pray everyday. he's adventurous, exciting, and optimistic. he is so good at being stress-free, or at least acting like it. jake is very chill, and i love that about him. he is sensitive to other's needs, especially mine. oh i could go on and on. he is just such a hard worker and has more endurance than most people know. he loves being healthy and happy everyday. i just thought he deserved a little post from a humble wife. he is my favorite person in the whole world, and i'm glad and very thankful to have him around. oh, and did i mention he is such a stud? i mean look at the kid. wow.

10 March 2008

poem 3.10.08

God is everywhere, this I have learned
In rocks, in streams, in the grains of the soil
In the light of the sun, warming my back
In the tiny drops of rain hitting my face through the breeze
In the dead blades of grass, fighting for renewal of life
God is everywhere, this I have learned.

God is with me, this I have learned.
He is the tree, growing so slowly
He is the tree, giving me shade
He is the tree, with veins of grey bark and buds of new life
He is the tree that is constant and loving
He is the tree that is kind and accepting
He is the tree that will always give me shade, no matter how short I fall
He is the tree that will love me forever.
God is with me, this I have learned.

God is everywhere, this I have learned.
In the of course of a cold river, soon to be warm
In the little bird, flying next to me as I run
In the crunch of a stick, fallen from grace
In the mountain I see, bright white and furry
God is everywhere, this I have learned.

07 March 2008

poem 3.7.08

i am the train i hear in the night
i push though the darkness, hoping to reach some destination
the wind pushes against my dreams, but i fight to make them real
i sound my horn to warn my future that i will be there soon.

i am the wheels that turn and turn
i am the steam that gives relief
i am the train i hear in the night

i carry precious things through an unsafe world
i cover and protect what i love
no wind is strong enough, no night is dark enough
with the help of my conductor and friend,
i will reach my destination.

i am the train i hear in the night.

05 March 2008

naps and alison.

andrew and i had a really good nap the other day when i was watching him for katie. she came home and snapped this picture...i'll admit i was semi-awake. he is such a good snuggler. and alison....well, i just have to say that i've never seen my dear friend so happy in my life. she's getting married on may 22--and she was beaming like a dandelion at her shower on saturday. life is good my friends.