23 September 2007

camping and crazies.

ok so we weren't exactly camping, but we did have a big fire. lots of fun in the provo scene, as always of course.


it all begins with a fire.

rob and jessie. cuddling. cute.

beans, beans. they're good for your heart.

boys will be boys....putting out the fire in their own "special way."

see-saw....or a gigantic tree over the fire. jake and rob are smart.

camping with friends and family = good times. (rachel, me, megan bean, jessie)

hi. this is jake. he's the best.

no really, you should know...i love jake.

don't worry. still kickin' in with sarah crookston.

21 September 2007

oh heyyyyy

here it is: an update. sorry i haven't for awhile--just hasn't been first priority these days. HOWEVER...this is what's been happening in the past month. these first pictures are the good times we had in georgia, my sweet home. we had so much fun hanging out with my family and seein' the sites. we found this amazing man, his name is "Wild Man." he's pictured below and jake was mesmorized by him and his store. but he says he's not racist. uh huh. anyway...hope you enjoy! i'll be better about updating. this is a blogger promise i intend to keep. and i found my camera cord.

and then we have labor day. we spent all day at the lake and loved every minute. love our family.

i think katie is the cutest pregnant woman. i love her sass in this picture.

that night after we left carly and chad's, we went to joe and katie's reception, also in NC. lots of fun--love the brewers.

it all began with carly and chad. on our escape away from maryland down to georgia and the very beginning of september, we stopped in NC to stay with carly and chad. it was a great 24 hours. love the carlsons.

16 September 2007


we had a bit of a hard day yesterday. i miscarried our other baby--i'll spare you all the nasty details. but i've been hospitalized since yesterday afternoon and was discharged about an hour ago. i figured you'd all be slightly confused why we took off the little baby ticker, but so it goes. anyway, just wanted to let you all know. we're fine...pressing forward like we're supposed to. we've been surrounded by a lot of really good friends and family the past few days, and we've loved and appreciated that.

13 September 2007

alright already.

there aren't many words that can explain how crazy life has been lately, BUT we're alive and happy still. we made it to utah. task completed. sort of caught up in school. task completed. cleaned and unpacked all belongings, including getting rid of things that we never use. task incomplete. made apartment cute and welcoming to guests and loved ones. task incomplete. keep up to date on blogging. task incomplete. paid first months rent. task incomplete (still locating checkbook). get good nights sleep every night. task incomplete. found camera cord. task incomplete. still in love with husband. task complete. i promise once i get all settled in and s.a.n.e then i will be better about keeping you updated. as for now, i have stolen pictures from friends and family and this should suffice for awhile. also- i'm 15 weeks along; we have an appt. on the 26th, which means by then i'm sure we'll be able to find out the sex of the baby. whoo hoo!

me and carly.

brothers....but not really.

if your friends don't dance and if you don't dance then you're no friend of mine.

at the georgia BBQ for our wedding. carly, chad, katie zach, jake and me.

sister and i decided who gets which gumball.

dinner at henry's. yes, i look like an elephant.

04 September 2007

Are you confused?

Life's been a little crazy the past few days. Yeah..a great crazy though. So we left DC on Thursday, drove down to North Carolina and spent the night at Carly and Chad's (hence the random post of Carly and me) and then made it go Georgia late Friday night after spending a really fun day with the Carlson's. And here we are, in Georgia just hanging out with the family. I've taken so many fun pictures but in the chaos of it all, I can't locate the beloved camera cord. So patience, dearies...new posts will be here soon. Sorry my blog is boring. And Baby says hi.