04 May 2008

my goodness.

tomorrow is the big day.  i've got everything all packed up, ready to be loaded in the car.  i was going to put it there myself, but i can't lift everything.  the kitchen stuff is heavy.  jake gets home from the rugby championship tomorrow and then we are off.  i went to costco today and got some snacks for the car.  i've been filling my belly all day with the food in our house, trying to get rid of it through my digestive system instead of throwing it away---it's been somewhat of a success.  speaking of success, i've successfully burned the first 3 harry potter books onto cd's so jake and i can have some form of entertainment.  i won't get into the details of the process because it will only put me in a bad mood, but all i will say is that it is finally finished.  what else.  i'm so tired.  it's 11 pm and i'm thinking i'm going to head to bed now.  i love you all.  will post sometime later this week.  pray we don't wreck.  pray our car doesn't get stolen somehow.  you never know.



SJ said...

It's funny that we can never seem to live in the same city. I wish that I was going to be in D.C. with you. Eat a carrot cake cupcake for from Baked & Wired, also go visit the jefferson, I love it there. I guess I will see you in August. As tave myliu labai karstai!! As esu tavo seimaninka!!! Ha Ha. Tu esi mano bicule!!!
I love you!!

Anonymous said...

You are moving to DC?! Its so sad that we are just now becoming friends and you are gone. :( good thing we have blogs!

Megano said...

I'm so glad you got the CD's burned!!!!Entertainment is key when driving 30 hours!!! Good lucky and be safe!!! We miss you guys:(

Andi said...

WORD! i, for one, am so HAPPY about this move. catch you in DC in no time biciule.