09 May 2008


oh my gosh, are you so bored with my blog? because i am. really, really bored. i don't have the internet in our apartment here, which means i have to come down to an internet cafe in our complex...and i can't upload pictures. not that we have any new ones. anyway, i just want to say that #1: i am alive and so is jake and #2: will hopefully get internet soon and update more often.

you have my word.

love to all. and come visit.


canyouhearme? said...

ok, so this is like really random and kinda weird but I randomly came across your blog and am pretty sure that you lived on my floor freshman year at the Y. isn't crazy/strange/sorta creepy how the blogging world really does connect us all? haha.

also, i just noticed that you guys are in college park. my husband and i are actually going to be moving to rockville/surrounding dc area for the summer. so we're basically twins. :)

Chad and Carly Carlson said...

I'm home and I have been missing you! I am gooing to call you when I get home!

Megano said...

I'm so glad you guys got there safe! How is everything going? No, internet.booo. that's the worst of all... I didn't realize HOW addicted I was until all I wanted to do was go down to the club house and check blogs. I'm kinda a freak. How is the selling going for jake? I hope everything is well with you guys! We miss ya!!!

Blake said...

My mom and I were looking at your blog the other day, and my mom saw the top half of the picture of all the stuff piled on the car and she died thinking it was really your car packed for your drive! Pretty funny. you always have great pics! Glad you guys made it safe!

The Young Family Inc. said...

Jenna, you are a life saver! Seriously, you are giving me something to hang on to! I LOVE you two so much!!

jenna marie said...

PLEASE blog. i'm so bored without you.