18 May 2008

la la la.

two days ago, i walked into nordstrom on a mission. i bought this great eye-liner about two weeks ago...the twisty kind (or so i thought). it wasn't twisting and i couldn't figure it out. i confidently walked up to the counter and this was the said conversation:

me: hi there. hey, so i bought this eye-liner about two weeks ago and for some reason, it's not twisting up like it's supposed to.

lady: that's because it's not a twist kind. this is the twist kind (pulls out the kind that obviously twists up).

me: oh (stunned).

lady: yeah, this is the kind that sharpens. see? (gives me a free sharpen).

me: wow, that sharpens nicely. i feel like an idiot.

lady: it happens to the best of us.

me: don't tell anyone i came in with this problem (i really did say that).

lady: oh, i won't (with a smile).

me: have a nice day! (walk of shame out of nordstrom).

oh, bother.