29 April 2008


april has been one crazy, fast month. we're moving in four days...so my life for the next few days is packing, organizing, changing addresses, and doing my best not to go crazy. april has been a month of sickness: jake had a terrible cold and mouth problem for almost 2 weeks, and i had my foot problem and am still recovering from a nasty throat virus. awesome. april has also been a month of weird weather, blue walls (i painted my living room with the help of my mother dearest), visitors (lyndsi, mama, and carly), and the following:

one year anniversary (28th...i love my husband)

weddings. go ali and eric.

friends. really, good friends.

birthdays. my beloved.

and more beautiful friends.

i like you april, and i can't believe you're almost over. summer, here we come. road trip 2008 to DC commences SUNDAY.


Michelle said...

okay, you seriously better call me when you get here. Do you guys need help unpacking...etc...let us know!


Anonymous said...

Fyi, just found your blog today, and I ate the whole thing in one bite.

You guys are so sweet, and it's comforting to know that there are folks out there who roll with the punches and make the best of what comes their way.


Alison said...

i like the faulkner representation on this post. DONT GO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Btw, I really want your artichoke/tomato soup recipe that you blogged about at one point. Any chances of you sending it to my mail (through my blog profile?)


Ani said...

Oh how I miss these girls! April was a pretty good month! Good luck moving! And thanks for the diaper bag suggestion! You are the best!

jenna marie said...

good luck with the move. dont you just love summer sales. meet me in dc?