22 April 2008

ouch, chawlayyy.

have you ever been given a shot in the side of your foot? i experienced it this morning...it was more painful that i thought possible.

so, i ran the half-marathon. the next day, my right foot hurt sooo bad. every time i put any kind of pressure on it, pain would shoot through my entire foot. ah, the joys of tendinitis.

went to the foot doctor this morning (oh, did i mention i limped around campus all day yesterday, practically in tears? lopsided? and everyone was looking at me like i had some sort of mental problem? that was fun.) and he told me that my tendinitis was extremely inflamed, which was the source of the pain. i told him my extensive experience with tendinitis (you know, coming home from a mission because of it, wearing special shoes, all that jazz), and he suggested i just go for the gold and get a shot of steroids in my tendon, which would numb the bottom and side of my foot, allowing me to walk with no pain for six weeks.

i took the shot. i squirmed, said "ow" probably 40 times--i've never felt pain like that. 20 seconds of pain pain PAIN.

but now i can walk. thank you, dr. rogers.


Ani said...

yeee haaa!

Ani said...

haha, that was suppose to be for the finals being done post.
sniff sniff for this one.

The Young Family Inc. said...

Jenna, don't run anymore. And I mean it.