19 April 2008

the half-marathon.

she runs...

mile 1.50
: two songs play on my ipod: mr. brightside and bittersweet symphony.

mile 1.52: ipod freezes. YES, FREEZES... slight panic.

mile 1.55: conversation with self: ok, this is not a big deal. you can definitely run 13 miles without music. yeahhh no problem, jenna. you rock. you are strong. you can do this.

mile 2: dear ipod: you've ruined my life.

mile 4: conversation with self: wow i'm kind of tired...what mile am i on? 4???? that's it???

mile 5: conversation with self: this down hill is nice. i like you, hill. thank you for existing.

mile 6: conversation with self: these houses in sugarhouse are very cute. maybe one day i'll have one just like it, with a bright white kitchen with creaky wooden floors...light blue walls. or, maybe i want a celery green? i don't know. but either way, it's going to be cheery. oh wow, that man had b.o. is my 350 final on tuesday or monday? i wonder how jake's rugby game went? my dream last night was crazy. oh my gosh, i miss jake. what should i eat after this? a hamburger? no. crap, i have to start packing for the summer. my feet hurt.

mile 8: serious burst of energy.

mile 9: conversation with self: oh my gosh, i feel GREAT. i think i should just turn around and go up the actual "marathon" route! i could do it!

mile 10: conversation with self: i'm pretty sure i've been running in this park for a good two miles now. where is gateway? how come i don't see the fountain yet?

mile 11: conversation with self: ok, not feeling exactly great anymore. why are my feet tingling? is my back chaffing against my running pants?

mile 12: mentally singing "better, faster, stronger" by dear kanye.

mile 12.2: out loud singing "better, faster, stronger" by dear kanye.

mile 12.5: must. keep. moving.

mile 12.6: "only two more blocks!" someone yells. liar.

mile 12.7
: all of a sudden, hear crowd going wild! i mean, cheering and screaming! oh my gosh, they love me! they totally love me! they are for sure cheering for ME!

mile 12.8: hear the loud announcer say: "and here comes the first marathon-finisher!"

mile 12.9: realized the first marathon-finisher is right behind me, which explains the cheering. maybe one of them was for me.

mile 13: realized that someone ran an entire marathon in the amount of time i ran a HALF-marathon, but proud of myself anyway.

back chaffage, sore feet, two 1/2 blisters, and one sun burn later, i am a happy girl.

thank you, katie, for being at the finish line. pictures coming as soon as katie emails them to me. loves.


katie said...

You did something many people will never do — including me! Amazing! Love the image of the first marathoner finishing with you. lovies!

Alis said...

Congrats, you are such an inspiration!

I'm looking forward to any training tips you've got...

Eddie and Breanne King said...

Jenna! I'm so impressed.... great job. I wish my body would be up for something like that but then again- all I need to do is to run one lap and I feel like I just did the whole half marathon!

andrea.roche said...

You stinkin rock.

cait&brig said...

WOw! that exhausts me just reading about it! sorry, you were sick...hope you're better! come see me soon.

Canadian Princess said...

Great post Jenna...I loved reading your thoughts along the race. I had to read it to Chris as he did the Utah Half Ironman last summer, he got a kick out of your commentary. He hated the running the worst of the three things! . You did GREAT btw...way to be a strong girl!!! Congrats again!

jenna marie said...

um i'm so proud.

Rachel Anne Robbins said...

jenna look at my blog- i dedicated my last post to you. enjoy.

Michelle said...

dang girl...nice job! i am so proud of you! I need examples like you! i used to be so super athletic...then...well..things changed. love you!

Alison said...

im so proud of you! congrats! if i had been in town i would have been there too! love you!

The Young Family Inc. said...

You are an inspiration to us all! Now, don't do it again. Save your feet for cute shoes!

Drew and Tarah said...

hi! don't actually know you...but i'm friends with jeff and megan...yes, call me a blog-stalker cuz i look at anyone's blogs regardless of if i know them! anyhow...your post here cracked me up! honestly, laughing out loud! i am in the lottery to hopefully run the st. george marathon in october and a few nights ago i dreamed that i showed up and had forgotten my ipod! i imagine this is what it would feel like! so yes...you are a very funny girl! but congrats on running!