07 April 2008

poem by a worn-out student

went to bed at 3, woke up at 7:30
after a bath, my hair is still dirty
of course it was raining, when i rolled out of bed
"you've got to be kidding me," was all that i said.
with my backpack weighing more than a ton
i put on my jacket and prayed for the sun
but no sun was seen, and as soon as i parked
the hail started falling
"awesome," was my remark.
a ten mile walk to campus, no big deal
the hail continued to hit me, and my happiness steal
it soon turned to snow, and i laughed quite a laugh
"it's april for heaven's sakes!" as i tripped over my calve
with so much homework that kept me up
my eyes droop sadly as i drink water from my cup.
"stay awake, you fool.  concentrate," i say.
won't this day ever end and send me on my way?

this poem proves how delirious i am.  thank you, and good day.


Megan Niccoli said...

I love it!!! You are a little writer!! Well done well done! I love the pics of you and jake on his birfday!!! I'm sorry we've been MIA... I love you though! Glad you had fun in CO!

andrea.roche said...

It will all be over soon. Then you'll be in my shoes. Wanting to go back to school. It's a vicious cycle.

andrew & jenna said...

um i do NOt agree with sweet andrea :) this poem made me thank my lucky stars i'm graduated. i feel bad you had to trapse across campus in the snow. i looked out my window this morning and swore.

callie & steve said...

this got me laughing! ha! love it.